Themed Stickers

Themed Stickers

Three stickers down, seventy zillion more to go!

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The robot themed stickers from Cosmo Cricket were the starting point for this page, and led to me choosing these photos for the story they could relate. The paper colors and patterns are based on colors found in the sticker set, and the gears were the perfect finishing touch.

Now tell me, does this page look dated or does it look timeless? Do the stickers from 2008 make you cringe, or do they help tell the story? That’s what you should be thinking about when making a page, no matter when the supplies were manufactured or bought.

You know how you’ve got ancient stash? Don’t you think it’s time some of it got used?

Don’t worry about whether or not it’s going to look stylish years from now. I guarantee it won’t, but if you’ve got photos you love, and words that capture your story, how stylish it is won’t matter.

No more hoarding! No more excuses!

Go make pages!

What do you think?