Ribbon Crazy

Ribbon Crazy

That last page barely made a dent in my sticker pile. How about using up a few more, and maybe some ribbon too?

bloom || noexcusescrapbooking.com

While looking for photos to use with the themed stickers, I came across this gorgeous one in the pile. It was too beautiful to resist.

Using spring themed stickers didn’t require any thought, but deciding to add ribbon to the page made for some interesting problems, especially once the tulle was added to the mix.

To create this page, after spritzing a few colors of mist and letting them dry, I ran a line of adhesive down one side of the page, and carefully (or not!) scrunched up the tulle onto the adhesive to create a ruffle. Then the two grosgrain ribbons were given a layer of adhesive, and attached on top of the tulle. Then, because one yard of fiber on a page isn’t enough, I added a few loops of orange fiber, and taped the ends down on the back. Because I’m a freak, I then added a few staples from my tiny attacher to each end in the hope that at least one attachment option will last.

bloom detail ||noexcusescrapbooking.com

Then it was time to add the stickers, which were slid under the tulle, and the photo was adhered on top of the tulle. A tiny bit of journaling, and a title, and the page was done. Except it needed a visual triangle. Well maybe need is too strong a word. It felt like it needed a tiny bit of something, so I dug out some resin flowers.

Since they were a deep, Christmas red, I gave them a quick coat of acrylic paint, to help them fit the page better.

The cool thing about the tulle? It looks like it takes up a lot of space, but once in a page protector, it will hardly add any bulk at all. Love that!

So how about you? What’s your favorite fiber to add to a scrapbook page? How do you like to use it?

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