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Cook n’ Craft!

Cook n’ Craft!

Are you ready for something fun? I’ve had a brainstorm. It could be fabulous. It could tank really badly. But that’s life in general, isn’t it?

Too often, people say they can’t scrapbook, or do anything even remotely crafty because they have no time. That’s also a common excuse for people using prepared foods and eating out a lot. No time to cook. No time to craft.

We’re running out of time people!

But seriously. There are ways to fit in some downtime, whether it’s crafty or not, and eat well too.

Enter my wild idea: Cook n’ Craft events.

We’ll spend about half an hour learning how to make dinner, or some other meal, fast, easy and delicious, and the rest of the evening (or afternoon, or even morning, I’m not picky!) making a related project or two. The kitchen tools will be from Pampered Chef, and the craft supplies will be from Stampin’ Up!

Food and crafting and gathering together always go well together in my world.

There will be themed shows where you learn cooking and stamping techniques, or make use of kits to make crafts you can actually use. I’ll host open houses and workshops and hopefully some of you will want to host an event too. Sometimes you’ll need to pre-order the consumable supplies for a particular project, and sometimes we’ll be raiding my stash to see how you can mix old with new, and turn everything fabulous.

Yes, this is me selling Pampered Chef and Stampin’ Up! products, but the way I’ll be doing it will be a bit different. Of course if you want to host a regular Pampered Chef or Stampin’ Up! show (or both!) I’ll be happy to do so.


I’ve got a few theme ideas to start us off:

1. Gift food with pretty packaging.

2. Fast weeknight meal and using stamps to create your own calming coloring sheets. (and a card!)

3. Meal planning for the cheap and lazy with a recipe keeper like a box or binder.

4. Easy and fancy dessert with a card kit for all occasions.

5. Appetizers for any occasion and party decorations.

This is going to be fun!

Who’s going to join me?

You can find my Stampin’ Up! website here: Stampin’ Up!

I’m using my first party to help fund my Pampered Chef sign up, and you can find the party here if you’d like to order something to help out: Heather’s PC party


I will be working on a way to do this online too, but I want to get the live version worked out first.

Anyone else as excited as I am?

Solve a Dilemma For Me

Solve a Dilemma For Me

The last True Stamp was months ago. I couldn’t participate because I am using the money for that to go to the ScrapHappy reunion at the end of the month. Now everything is on sale, but I still can’t buy a class.


Want to help me out? You can buy a class or two though, and tell me which one(s) I should buy! (I’ll budget for a few classes over the summer.) And if you’ve taken all the classes already, you can tell me which were your favorites!

***Sale deets: From June 15-22, get each individual class for $9.95 each. Or, get them all for $39 by using the code SUMMER at the check out. After midnight on the 22nd, the classes will go to their regular price of $14.95. You can find them here: TrueStamp2015. (And yes, that is an affiliate link.)***

Should I take the class from Technique Tuesday all about adding gold?unnamed

I’m excited about that one, because I already have quite a few of the supplies shown in the photo, and gold is all hot, hot, hot, right now. By the time I get around to getting the class, it will probably be cold, cold, cold.

Or should I take the class from Lawn Fawn all about adding stamping to your gift wrapping?


I feel pretty confident that I know a lot of their ideas, but I could definitely be wrong. I want to take this, just to be sure I don’t miss any nuggets of inspiration and fun ideas. And that diecut in the background? That could be fun to use!

How about the class from Simon Says Stamp?


This sounds like it would have lots of ideas for creatively using the items in your stash. Plus, once again, I really want to use all the things in the class photo. They look so fun and happy.

And then there’s the class from Paper Smooches.


I love using little stamps, and wonder where they’re going with this. I am definitely intrigued.

I know I really want to get the Mama Elephant class.


I love their stamp sets, and love how they use them on their blog. I’m a fan. This one I’m definitely getting. There’s nothing you can say that will stop me. Except maybe “not in the budget.”

What about the class from Raisin Boat about adding dimension to your projects?


Dude, those flips flops are adorable! How can I not get this class?

Help! How can I choose?

Will you pick for me?

***Repeating the sale details: From June 15-22, get each individual class for $9.95 each. Or, get them all for $39 by using the code SUMMER at the check out. After midnight on the 22nd, the classes will go to their regular price of $14.95. You can find them here: TrueStamp2015. (And yes, that is an affiliate link.)***

Truth Scrap on Sale!

Truth Scrap on Sale!

Since I’ve been trying to save money this year, I haven’t gone to any of the True Scrap events this year. I’m feeling a bit left out and lacking in inspiration. *le sigh*

(And yes, I am channeling Pepe Le Peu today. My life is rather cartoonish.)

There’s good news for any of you who are interested in art journaling: Truth Scrap, the first True Stamp event of the year, is now available as individual classes. AND they’re on sale!

AndreaChebeleulsale 2

From now until the 24th, individual Truth Scrap classes are on sale for $9.95 each, or if you want all 7 of them, you can enter the code “TRUTH” to get them all for $49.

After the 24th, the classes will go up to their regular price of $14.95. So, if you want to save at least a third off the list price, go buy a class or two or seven, right now!

Now to decide what I’m going to get, I’m feeling in need of a bit of inspiration, how about you?


Getting Sketch Happy

Getting Sketch Happy

sketches ||

Who out there is afraid of sketches? Maybe afraid is too strong a word.

Intimidated? Unsure about how they work?

Who out there has heard of scraplifting or CASEing and has no idea what it is exactly, or how to go about doing it?

Want to learn?

If you are local, I am offering Getting Sketch Happy at my home on March 28th. This will be a two hour class, and it is only $10!

We’re going to be learning how to identify the parts of a sketch, how to adapt them to the photos and stories you want to use, and how to create our own sketches.

We’ll look at a few pages we love, and learn how to turn those into more pages we love, without having the pages we make look repetitive or boring.

We’ll talk about ways to set up the design of themed albums to create a unified but eclectic look.

You’ll end up with a couple completed pages, plus a bunch of sketches of your own so you can keep creating once you’re home.

In short we will become sketch masters!

Who’s up for a class?

Class will be March 28th, from 6-8 pm. It may go longer if we need to spend more time on any topics that anyone finds difficult. I will be supplying sketches and examples. You will need to bring your basic tool kit (trimmer, scissors, adhesive, journaling pens) as well as any photos or supplies you want to use. Use of the tools I have on hand is included in the class price, but if you want to raid my expendables stash, that will be an extra $5. Seating is extremely limited.

Buy the class now for $10:

Or if you want to be able to raid my stash, buy now for $15:


And come join the Facebook event!

Exciting things on the way!

Exciting things on the way!

There are so many fun things heading our way.

truth scrap button black

First up, on January 31st is the next True Scrap production, Truth Scrap! This one day online, live event will focus on the hows and whys of scrapbooking your faith. I’ve seen a couple previews of class samples, and they look amazing! If you are into art journaling or faith-booking, this is the event for you.

This will be the first True Scrap production I won’t be able to attend. Which I am rather bummed about. But I’ll keep my ear to the ground and let you know which ones my scrappy friends really love!

LOAD215 1000x500

Also coming up real fast is the next Layout a Day challenge, which starts February 1st. The theme of this year’s LOAD is “Once Upon a Time… Celebrating the Stories and Books of Our Youth.” As an avowed book nerd from a very early age, I’m excited to see where February’s month of prompts will take us. Lain usually comes up with some great, thought provoking ideas. I’ll be posting my daily layouts here, as well as on Flickr, so you’ll get to see how creating a page a day works. I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly you start to scrapbook once you’ve gotten into the groove of creating a page daily.

My book is almost done. I’m doing one final edit to check for errors and unclear sentences. I want beginning scrapbookers to understand what I’m trying to tell them! This book is intended specifically for the beginning scrapbooker; it lays out the process for creating a page from start to finish based on three common starting points. It’s very definitely process based, rather than project based.

beginners guide to scrapbooking ||

By the end of February, I should have a class based on the book ready for sale. That will include three process videos, worksheets and printable PDFs, and possibly layered photoshop templates for the digitally inclined. If I do include the layered templates, I’ll probably include another video on how to use them. Maybe. I’m still finalizing details on the class. Also, there will be a bit of instructor interaction, with review of up to three layouts that the student produces.

That’s a lot of excitement for one day, don’t you think? I think I’m going to go calm down by doing my December Project Life pages. Yep. I do find scrapbooking therapeutic, don’t you?