Truth Scrap on Sale!

Truth Scrap on Sale!

Since I’ve been trying to save money this year, I haven’t gone to any of the True Scrap events this year. I’m feeling a bit left out and lacking in inspiration. *le sigh*

(And yes, I am channeling Pepe Le Peu today. My life is rather cartoonish.)

There’s good news for any of you who are interested in art journaling: Truth Scrap, the first True Stamp event of the year, is now available as individual classes. AND they’re on sale!

AndreaChebeleulsale 2

From now until the 24th, individual Truth Scrap classes are on sale for $9.95 each, or if you want all 7 of them, you can enter the code “TRUTH” to get them all for $49.

After the 24th, the classes will go up to their regular price of $14.95. So, if you want to save at least a third off the list price, go buy a class or two or seven, right now!

Now to decide what I’m going to get, I’m feeling in need of a bit of inspiration, how about you?


What do you think?