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Making Pages

Making Pages

I haven’t been making many pages lately. But LOAD started on Saturday, and so far I’ve managed to play along. Want to see what I’ve got?

Day one: This photo has been calling me. I want to go here and write every day. Boston’s a little far to go on a daily basis though.

Day 2: The prompt had a whole list of ingredients for the page, and I think I got most of them. I fussy cut a photo people! Who am I?

Day 3: This has got to be my favorite photo from our trip to Atlanta over the summer. Also, if you’re in the Atlanta region, you MUST go to the Georgia Aquarium. It’s simply wonderful.

Day 4: My kid has generously given me his cold. Pocket page and stickers is about all I can manage.

Today’s the fifth day, and I haven’t checked the prompt yet. I’m going to do that, make something, and then go back to bed, maybe with a pile of books and my laptop. I need this cold to get out of my chest. Hopefully I can sleep it off. I’ve got a house to clean! Company’s going to be here for my oldest’s 15th birthday.

How am I old enough to have a 15 year old?

Stay crafty my friends!

Scrapbooking Goals

Scrapbooking Goals

A few weeks ago, the Scrap Gals had a podcast about the demise of double page layouts. (Episode 131 if you’re interested in listening to it.) It’s one of my favorite episodes, precisely because they are taking a potentially controversial topic and exploring it kindly, from their own perspectives and experiences.

I’m not sure that their theory is right or wrong. In my experience, I make double page layouts fairly frequently, when the subject calls for it. Usually, it’s an event with a lot of pictures. Sometimes it’s a more story based layout. Regardless, it’s a decision I make almost as soon as I decide to make a page.

recipe for disaster||

My most recent double page spread, from last month.

There is one thing that they mentioned that really got me thinking though.

When you started scrapbooking, what was your goal? Were you scrapbooking to create pretty photo albums? Were you scrapbooking to get all your photos documented and organized? Did you start scrapbooking to tell stories? Did you start scrapbooking because you loved the product, the artsy play time, and the photos and stories were just an after thought?

The scrap gals theorized that the people who create scrapbooks with mostly double page layouts are more concerned with getting their photos out of storage and out where they can be seen. Their goal is to create pretty and accessible photo storage. They may even have the unstated goal of eventually being caught up, with no older stories to tell.

While that may be true of some scrapbookers, that’s definitely not true for me. Each and every time I use a double page spread, I do so because that’s what the story demands.

I scrapbook for a very melancholy reason. I know from personal experience, that life can change in an instant, and people that we love can be lost forever. I scrapbook because I wish I knew my father’s story, and his father’s story, and I don’t want my kids to wish that about me.

I know I am not going to get every story told. I know I am not going to document the history of every photo in my possession. (Digital camera=too many photos period.) That was never my goal. My goal has always been to tell my story. I do tell a lot of stories about my kids and the rest of my family and friends, but that’s because they are important to me.

So what are your scrapbooking goals? Share them here, or over on Facebook. I’d really like to know what you want to accomplish with your scrapbooking.

Color Me Done!

Color Me Done!

Yesterday’s color inspiration from Design Seeds was just what the doctor ordered. The colors and the composition were so inspiring they helped me use some not very good photos in a fun way. Just in case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, this is the color palette I started with.

And this is what I made:

recipe for disaster||

The ferns from the photo inspired the green spoons and whisks along the bottom. One of my goals for the year is to use my silhouette portrait more. I love how easy it is to use. Another goal I have for the year is to use up more of my stash, and to get rid of things that are mostly used up. Like letter stickers.

I think the title came out really well. And it made my husband snort-laugh when he saw it this morning. Since that’s the kind of reaction I was aiming for, I’m calling this layout a win.

How about you? Are you inspired by this photo or color palette at all? What are you going to do with it?

Color Me Inspired

Color Me Inspired

If you are ever in need of a color boost, you have to check out Design Seeds. They take gorgeous photos and create color palettes based on them. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It is but it isn’t. The owner goes through a fairly involved process which requires a lot more skills than using the color picker in Photoshop. She ends up creating some very lovely palettes that are super useful for any kind of design project, including scrapbooking.

Case in point: I’ve got a series of photos I want to use to make a layout. I wasn’t sure about how I wanted to start it. Enter a quick browse through Design Seeds.

design seeds || color served

This palette is perfect. It’s got the browns from my photos, and the greens and whites will make for some great contrast. Plus, green is the favorite color of the kid involved. I can even use the composition of the photo to inspire the form of the page design.

Excuse me, I’m going to go make a page now. I’ll be back tomorrow with the result!

A Quotable Life: Catching Your Family in the Act

A Quotable Life: Catching Your Family in the Act

One of the things that I have always loved is the way people say things. If you’re paying attention, you’ll find the people around you saying things that are funny or profound or just wonderfully phrased all the time. As a writer, I’ve been saving these quotes for a long time, since they’re wonderful windows into character creation.

As a documenter, aka a scrapbooker, saving these quotes are a great way to capture the personality and interactions of your family. (And friends too, but we’ll talk about them at a later point.)The things people say show you how they look at the world, how they think, and how they interact with others.

However, you can’t always immediately stop what you’re doing to go create a scrapbook page when one of your family members says something memorable. What am I saying? You almost never can do that! So what do you do?

You take notes.

There are a bunch of ways you can take notes, depending on your circumstances. A scrap of paper and pencil will work in a pinch. Having a notebook in your purse or stashed around the house for just such moments is handy. Your smart phone is helpful too, since you can jot notes or even dictate them there. I’ve found Facebook and Twitter helpful for capturing moments too, and screen shots of text messages and chats are great as well.

If  you’re not careful, though, those notes will just sit there. If you’re like me at all, you may even forget to date them, so you don’t even remember how old someone was when they made that memorable quote. Try to remember to date them when you jot them down. Don’t be like me!

Do try to turn those quotes into pages though.

ethan in his own words||

You’ll be glad you did.