Happy World Card Making Day!

Happy World Card Making Day!

Anyone else out there love making cards? Did you know that the first Saturday in October is World Card Making Day? Well it is. And that’s just awesome.

A few years ago, I hosted a card and scrap crop for World Card Making Day at the local JoAnn’s. I made card kits and demonstrated a few techniques for those who attended. I have a few of those kits left.

Anyone want one?

There was a lovely butterfly one, with a couple fun ideas for using punches, and coloring with pencils.

IMG_1387 IMG_1396

There was a simple, Tim Holtz inspired card that showed some stamping and inking techniques.IMG_1386 IMG_1395

Then there was the cupcake card, which showed some fun ways to add texture to punched images.

IMG_1390 IMG_1391

Then there was the four seasons card with some inking and texture techniques.

IMG_1388 IMG_1393

The last one was all about the magic of masking.IMG_1389 IMG_1392

If anyone is interested in a card kit, sign up for my mailing list, and drop a message in the comments. I’ll do the stamping and punching, and you’ll be able to do coloring, inking, and assembling.

Also coming up, November’s month of thankful cards. Each year, I make and post a card for each day of November. At the end of the month, I send the cards to people on my email list.

Why do I make people sign up for my mailing list before I send them a card? Because I need to be able to contact you for your physical mailing address in order to send you a card. It’s that simple.

I don’t send out a lot of emails as a general rule. Once a week, you get an email letting you know if there’s anything new on the blog. Additionally, once every two weeks, you’ll get an email with links and ideas just for my email list. That set of emails doesn’t last very long right now. Occasionally, I’ll send out a general email, telling you about interesting things I may be doing, or classes or products coming up that are on sale. That’s very rare.

I will be sending out an email this week to current mailing list subscribers to remind them about the upcoming month of cards. If you don’t get an email this week, that means you’re not on the list, and I won’t be able to send you a card this year. The easiest way to get on the list? Scroll up to the top of the post, and fill in the information in the green and grey box. Bonus for you? You’ll be able to get a handy dandy tip sheet to help you figure out what’s the reason a stamp image goes terribly, horribly wrong.

Sound good? Good.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some crafting to do. You should go make something too! It’s good for you!


Making Time

Making Time

This past month has been one huge adjustment after another. Getting up every day at 6 am to make sure the big kids make the bus in the morning. Prepping every day to make sure I have a full class’ worth of information for the classes I’m teaching. Constantly reading and planning for said classes.

Scrapbooking and writing seem to have fallen off the radar entirely. At least from the amount of updating that’s been going on here.

But that’s not entirely true.

I’ve made a few pages this month.


I even got a little crazy, and turned the right hand page into a pocket.


Project Life through the beginning of September is almost done. Today or tomorrow I’ll print up September’s photos, and add those in.

I took True Scrap Planner Love and hung out with my friend Colleen while we watched it. I still don’t get the point of decorating a planner, but I did add days of the week stickers to my school planner. Some people might call that progress.

And LOAD begins today. That makes me very happy. Today’s prompt asked, “How are you legendary?” and after a quick text message exchange with my sister, I’m going with bossy.

I LIKE being bossy. As soon as I can find a picture of my sister and me, that’s what today’s page will be about.

And then I’m going to wander the interwebs looking for pictures of castles in the mountains. I’m playing today. No school work, no house work, just research for a story idea. I’m dying to write. Maybe if I get a bunch of research done this month, I can participate in NanoWrimo in November. Then again, maybe I’m just insane to even think about it. On the third hand, nothing’s going to get written if I let school planning hang over every day like a cloud of gloom.

So, even though today has had a less than stellar start, it’s still a new start, and I’m going to run with it. Got any cool pictures of castles in the mountains for me?

I Have a Desk! And I’m Not Afraid to Use It!

I Have a Desk! And I’m Not Afraid to Use It!

Hey everyone, look!


That’s my desk! I knew it was under there somewhere!

First things first, how about some playtime with a few stamps my German son brought with him:


That will make a really cute card background, don’t you think?

Next up, let’s get caught up with Project Life. I’ve got pictures printed from mid-July through the first weekend of September, so let’s start that.

First, the photos get sorted chronologically, along with any journaling cards I’ve already completed. Then I choose what style pocket pages to use based on photo orientation.

Then it’s time to choose cards and papers to fill in the empty spots.


Finally, and this step can take the longest, for each set of pages, photo, and possibly paper, corners are rounded, journaling cards are filled out, and any embellishments I want to use are placed in the pockets.


Look, at that! July is done, and August is begun!

This is what is currently working for me. With the new job, I haven’t had a lot of time, energy or desk space to do other scrapbooking, but this is helping me keep my hand in, and keeping me from suffering from a creativity withdrawal.

What kind of scrapbooking do you do when life keeps you busy both mentally and physically?

PS You can find most of these photos on my Facebook Page. While writing a complete post is getting a bit difficult, I’m still keeping active over there. Come visit me! You could even like my page if you’re so inclined! 😉

Have You Seen My Desk?

Have You Seen My Desk?

It was here just the other day, with a clear spot for working on and everything. Could this be it?


That may be it. There are photos on it from Walgreens. I did print a new batch of photos last week. And look, there’s my Project Life album! Signs are pointing to yes.

But what are all these papers? School forms? Class print outs? Wasn’t there a planner here somewhere? And why is there a sheet of blank address labels? Color me confused.

Or perhaps overwhelmed would be the better description. New personal goal for the week, on top of every other ball that needs to stay in the air: clean off my desk so I can actually make something. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t make something soon, my head may implode.

Crafting really does help keep me happy.


An Abrupt Left Turn

An Abrupt Left Turn

When the summer began, I had a vision of how the summer was going to go. I was going to get some writing done on my sister’s laptop. The kids were going to practice their writing. We’d get caught up on projects around the house, maybe even organize the workshop in the basement.

Yep. None of that happened. Although I did attempt to write, and get the kids to write too, they’ve spent most of the summer in front of screens. That laptop? Too old to support a recent enough version of Dropbox or Amazon Cloud to make it useful for writing.

And the house projects? I’ve gotten one done, and about half of another. The workshop is still a mess.

my one finished project || noexcusescrapbooking.com

My One Finished Project

And this fall? It’s going to be wildly different than I thought it would be.

You see, I’ve got a new job.


Scrapbooking, you say? You’ve got that covered you think. And I do. I can teach Scrapbooking practically with my eyes closed. I’m not sure how I’m going to grade it though.

But Scrapbooking isn’t all I’ll be teaching. How does a section of high school Biology sound? Shouldn’t be too hard. I do after all have a degree in that. But wait, there’s more! A section of Chemistry is in the plans too. Now that’s going to be a stretch.

And for the cherry on top?

We’re going to be hosting an exchange student this year. This is super exciting, but as I said before, completely not where I thought we’d be at the end of the summer.

It’s a good place, just completely unexpected.

What does that all mean for this lovely blog? It will probably have fewer posts on a regular basis. The November month of cards is still on the plate on the moment, but that could change if I find I need to spend more time on school planning.

I will be working on my next scrapbooking book as well. It’s about half done, but the kids have completely disrupted my ability to string two coherent thoughts together, so it’s going to have to wait till after they’re back in school. Mornings will be devoted to school planning and writing. Then I’ll be teaching in the afternoons, and playing chauffeur and short order cook in the evenings.

Welcome to the new normal.

Hope you enjoy it here with me!