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Stuttering Along

Stuttering Along

This month has not been kind to my LOAD aspirations. Between birthdays and dental problems, parties and new business beginnings, I have not been able to make a page every day. I have made over 29 pages for the month, they just haven’t been every day.

How about a quick round up for you?

This one started with the prompt (cabbage patch dolls!) and ended up here. I may be able to break apart the kit these supplies originally came in now. Woo hoo!

dress up doll

Inspired by the mere thought that I might be able to finish up a kit, I dug around and found a couple flourishes to finish off the next days’ page. Two more packages out of my stash!


No pages got done the next day, but I was comfortable with that since the day after that was a full day crop.

The way to be productive during a crop (at least for me) is to bring pages that don’t need more than a who, what, where, approach to journaling. I can NOT journal any more than that in company. Entirely too distracting!

The first layout finished was this one created during the crop sponsored class. Jennifer Leamy Loftfield of Caffeinated Papercuts did a great job showing everyone some fun Tim Holtz inspired techniques.

trick or treat

I then got cracking and did six more layouts to add to my oldest’s school of life album. The design is very repetitive, so let’s only look at a couple.

This is will give you a good idea of what each year’s title page looks like:

5th grade title page

And this is a set of filler pages:

Fifth Grade filler pages

I’ve got two more filler page layouts and another title page, as well as an end page for fifth grade done. However, since that has other kids on it, I won’t be showing that here. 😉

Sunday rolled around, and I pulled out some more glitter paper to use on a page about my niece.


Sometimes the simplest layouts are the best, aren’t they?

I didn’t escape the full day crop without buying some more stash. However, I don’t believe in saving it, so I used a couple pieces on the next day’s sparkly page:

hello sunshine

Yesterday, I used some lovely Christmas paper that I got from the crop as well. I can’t show that to you right now, however.  How about a little sneak for you?

sketch peek

That brings us up to today. What should I make today? Any suggestions? I’m all ears. 🙂

Card Month Reminder

Card Month Reminder

Starting November first, we’ll be studying card technique and design every day. That’s a LOT of cards to make. Rather than letting those cards take up space, I’d love to send them out to YOU!

Make sure you’re on my mailing list by October 31. I’ll be emailing all my subscribers and asking for the snail mail addresses of anyone who wants to receive one of the cards made during November.

You can sign up by filling out the form at the top right of the blog, or by clicking here.

Have any topics you want me to cover in November? Tell me NOW so I can be sure to fit it in!

This is going to be fun!

What should I play with first?

What should I play with first?



Cleaning Mojo Boost

Cleaning Mojo Boost

One of the best reasons to clean up and organize your craft space is because it helps jump start your mojo, if its been lagging.

Case in point: last night’s inspired page:

Is that?


What’s so inspired about this? Well, do you see the arrows on the tabs? That means you can TURN the circle to reveal:

It's a Kindle!


Some days, pages are just so much fun to make, know what I mean?

If you want to make a motion inspired page, you should check out this old book from Memory Makers called Flip, Spin, & Play. (affiliate link) It’s full of great ideas for creating some fun interactive pages for your scrapbooks. I may need to make a magic window next.

What are you waiting for? Go clean your craft room so you can find your mojo!




My desk is buried underneath a pile of scrapbook supplies, Origami Owl containers, and other random items. Want to see?

What do they say about messy desks?

What do they say about messy desks?

That would be fine, except my whole craft room is like that. I have got to clean up for my own piece of mind! A little bit of clutter is nice and comfy, too much is stifling.

That may be why I’ve fallen behind with my LOAD pages. Yes, I am behind. That’s okay. LOAD is not a source of stress!

Let’s see what IS done:

This page about my sister and BIL bringing home their baby. Love that I have these pictures done for my scrapbooks now. (I’ve already made and given away the ones for her scrapbook.)


Another recipe for the family recipe binder. Love that I’m getting the family favorites recorded. Plus, less hunting for a particular recipe is always a bonus.

taco seasoning

This silly one, about my goofy, now 12-year-old boy. Whenever anyone asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he’d say pineapple. Of course his amazing grandmother came through, and got him a pineapple. This pineapple is made from a Stampin’ Up stamp and punch in green on assorted yellow and orange cardstock scraps, with hand cut leaves. This was so much fun to make!

pancakes peanut butter and pineapples

A TrueScrap5 class inspired page. Layle Koncar did a great class on using pocket page cards on a non-pocket page. When her class is up for sale individually, I’ll be sure to link you up to it. It made me want to stop, drop and scrap immediately.

full of win

Then I went back to trying to use up the kit I put together for the month. One of the reverse sides of the patterned paper was this graph paper, which seemed like a perfect fit for a page about playing D & D with family friends.

D & D

With this page, I’m down to one full sheet left from the kit I put together last month. Woo hoo!

Also, this kid has been rolling his eyes since he was three. He’s going to be a hoot as a teenager. Only one more year to go!

the eyeroll

I got tired of playing with the kit, and started with the first piece of cardstock that sang to me. These dots were so happy, I just had to find photos that were silly enough to do it justice.

doin it wrong

There were a few days that I didn’t get a page done. I did start on a digi page one day, but I got so tired of staring at the computer that day that I gave up and went to bed.

Today, I got back on the bandwagon, and created this digi page. Now all I have to do is clean off my desk so I can do three more pages for the days I missed. Or maybe not. I don’t HAVE to do a page for every day of the month. I just WANT to.

rainbow page

So what have you made lately? Show me!

A Quick Aside

A Quick Aside

For those who don’t know, or haven’t heard yet, I just recently started selling jewelry from Origami Owl. origami owl samples

I LOVE the way you can tell stories with the all the different charms and tags and dangles.

simon's origami owl sample

My son loves how tiny the charms are, and all the options for putting together a locket that is specifically about him and his interests. Just so you know, he loves, soccer, his dog, ice cream, collectible card games, magic, and rocks and minerals. Things that are sparkly are a bonus in his world.

chocolate origami owl sample

It is so much fun to switch and change out the charms and chains to suit my mood or interests for the day.

origami owl tag sample

The tags and dangles and charms can also work as mini gratitude reminders. Don’t you find there are some days you want or need to remind yourself how lucky you are? Maybe that’s only me.

Interested in finding out more about Origami Owl? Check out my store website. If you want to talk about it more, drop a comment here, or check out my Facebook page for Origami Owl.

Thanks for letting me shift gears a bit on you. I know this isn’t scrapbooking exactly, but it’s still telling your story, only with jewelry instead of words. Isn’t that a GREAT idea?!