A Quick Aside

A Quick Aside

For those who don’t know, or haven’t heard yet, I just recently started selling jewelry from Origami Owl. origami owl samples

I LOVE the way you can tell stories with the all the different charms and tags and dangles.

simon's origami owl sample

My son loves how tiny the charms are, and all the options for putting together a locket that is specifically about him and his interests. Just so you know, he loves, soccer, his dog, ice cream, collectible card games, magic, and rocks and minerals. Things that are sparkly are a bonus in his world.

chocolate origami owl sample

It is so much fun to switch and change out the charms and chains to suit my mood or interests for the day.

origami owl tag sample

The tags and dangles and charms can also work as mini gratitude reminders. Don’t you find there are some days you want or need to remind yourself how lucky you are? Maybe that’s only me.

Interested in finding out more about Origami Owl? Check out my store website. If you want to talk about it more, drop a comment here, or check out my Facebook page for Origami Owl.

Thanks for letting me shift gears a bit on you. I know this isn’t scrapbooking exactly, but it’s still telling your story, only with jewelry instead of words. Isn’t that a GREAT idea?!

What do you think?