My desk is buried underneath a pile of scrapbook supplies, Origami Owl containers, and other random items. Want to see?

What do they say about messy desks?

What do they say about messy desks?

That would be fine, except my whole craft room is like that. I have got to clean up for my own piece of mind! A little bit of clutter is nice and comfy, too much is stifling.

That may be why I’ve fallen behind with my LOAD pages. Yes, I am behind. That’s okay. LOAD is not a source of stress!

Let’s see what IS done:

This page about my sister and BIL bringing home their baby. Love that I have these pictures done for my scrapbooks now. (I’ve already made and given away the ones for her scrapbook.)


Another recipe for the family recipe binder. Love that I’m getting the family favorites recorded. Plus, less hunting for a particular recipe is always a bonus.

taco seasoning

This silly one, about my goofy, now 12-year-old boy. Whenever anyone asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he’d say pineapple. Of course his amazing grandmother came through, and got him a pineapple. This pineapple is made from a Stampin’ Up stamp and punch in green on assorted yellow and orange cardstock scraps, with hand cut leaves. This was so much fun to make!

pancakes peanut butter and pineapples

A TrueScrap5 class inspired page. Layle Koncar did a great class on using pocket page cards on a non-pocket page. When her class is up for sale individually, I’ll be sure to link you up to it. It made me want to stop, drop and scrap immediately.

full of win

Then I went back to trying to use up the kit I put together for the month. One of the reverse sides of the patterned paper was this graph paper, which seemed like a perfect fit for a page about playing D & D with family friends.

D & D

With this page, I’m down to one full sheet left from the kit I put together last month. Woo hoo!

Also, this kid has been rolling his eyes since he was three. He’s going to be a hoot as a teenager. Only one more year to go!

the eyeroll

I got tired of playing with the kit, and started with the first piece of cardstock that sang to me. These dots were so happy, I just had to find photos that were silly enough to do it justice.

doin it wrong

There were a few days that I didn’t get a page done. I did start on a digi page one day, but I got so tired of staring at the computer that day that I gave up and went to bed.

Today, I got back on the bandwagon, and created this digi page. Now all I have to do is clean off my desk so I can do three more pages for the days I missed. Or maybe not. I don’t HAVE to do a page for every day of the month. I just WANT to.

rainbow page

So what have you made lately? Show me!

What do you think?