Cleaning Mojo Boost

Cleaning Mojo Boost

One of the best reasons to clean up and organize your craft space is because it helps jump start your mojo, if its been lagging.

Case in point: last night’s inspired page:

Is that?


What’s so inspired about this? Well, do you see the arrows on the tabs? That means you can TURN the circle to reveal:

It's a Kindle!


Some days, pages are just so much fun to make, know what I mean?

If you want to make a motion inspired page, you should check out this old book from Memory Makers called Flip, Spin, & Play. (affiliate link) It’s full of great ideas for creating some fun interactive pages for your scrapbooks. I may need to make a magic window next.

What are you waiting for? Go clean your craft room so you can find your mojo!


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