Getting Sketch Happy

Getting Sketch Happy

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Who out there is afraid of sketches? Maybe afraid is too strong a word.

Intimidated? Unsure about how they work?

Who out there has heard of scraplifting or CASEing and has no idea what it is exactly, or how to go about doing it?

Want to learn?

If you are local, I am offering Getting Sketch Happy at my home on March 28th. This will be a two hour class, and it is only $10!

We’re going to be learning how to identify the parts of a sketch, how to adapt them to the photos and stories you want to use, and how to create our own sketches.

We’ll look at a few pages we love, and learn how to turn those into more pages we love, without having the pages we make look repetitive or boring.

We’ll talk about ways to set up the design of themed albums to create a unified but eclectic look.

You’ll end up with a couple completed pages, plus a bunch of sketches of your own so you can keep creating once you’re home.

In short we will become sketch masters!

Who’s up for a class?

Class will be March 28th, from 6-8 pm. It may go longer if we need to spend more time on any topics that anyone finds difficult. I will be supplying sketches and examples. You will need to bring your basic tool kit (trimmer, scissors, adhesive, journaling pens) as well as any photos or supplies you want to use. Use of the tools I have on hand is included in the class price, but if you want to raid my expendables stash, that will be an extra $5. Seating is extremely limited.

Buy the class now for $10:

Or if you want to be able to raid my stash, buy now for $15:


And come join the Facebook event!

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