Inspiration & Creation

Inspiration & Creation

Do you remember back in January, when I showed you these inspiring pics from Pinterest?

Chris Garbutt ill

Illustration by Chris Garbutt from Journey to the Centre of My Brain by James Carter

essillustration card

Card by essillustration available on etsy

I did actually create a page based on these pics, but I got to it in a round about way.
I really wanted to do something with the foxes, and initially thought I wanted to create a background with stamped foxes. I don’t have any foxes, (shocking isn’t it?!) but I do have a silhouette and the stamp cutting set, so I thought I’d find something in the silhouette store. But none of the foxes worked for me, if you know what I mean. Then I debated creating my own cut file, but I have so not been in a drawing mood. So… What to do?

I went back and thought about what exactly I liked about the foxes. I liked that they were whimsical and friendly. Cuddly even! I loved the brush strokes on the black and white one, and I loved the idea of family that the red and pink ones suggested. So that led me to the theme: family.

photo by Doc. Ing.

photo by Doc. Ing. of Lake Sauris in Italy from Flickr

Next I started thinking about color. I loved the blues and greens of the landscape, and how silvery the haze made the hills in the background. But I also loved the pink in the diamond illustration. So of course I combined them.

mag ill by Cruschiform

Illustration for magazine Revue XXI no. 23 by Cruschiform (Fukushima)

As far as structure goes, the three overlapping diamonds were going to show up on the page without a doubt.

After a bit of fun (which I’ll go into detail about on Monday) I ended up with this:

good days ||


I had a lot of fun making the layout. The diamonds were fun to figure out, although after a bit of time, I’ve come up with an easier way to create even diamonds. Any whoo…

What do you think? Can you see the inspiration in the end result?

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