Stash Dive

Stash Dive

I have been creating paper crafts for just about 20 years now. Well, I did do a little stamping before that, but I didn’t really start obsessing over paper crafts till 1997 or 1998. Probably more like 1998, so only 17 years, but still! That’s a long time to be collecting paper crafting supplies.

You want to hear something crazy?

I have never de-stashed. Never. The closest I got to de-stashing was giving away a bin full of scraps last year, and throwing away markers that have given up the ghost. That’s it.

You’d think I’d feel overwhelmed by all the choices and sheer amount of stuff around. But I’m not. All the random stuff is inspirational. Re-discovering old things, and using them up has become a fun challenge, especially since I’ve put myself on a very severely limited craft budget this year.

You know what, let’s spend the next couple weeks digging through my stash, and coming up with fun things to do with it.

There’s tons of wordfetti and vellum quotes and rub-on words that are begging to be used on a page.


And so many alphas that have barely been used, or partially used, and missing key letters. There’s got to be something I can do with these, right?



And how about the giant drawer full of ribbons and fibers? Surely these deserve to see the light of day again.


So many themed stickers! I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t buy these any more, unless I have a specific project I’m going to use them on immediately. But there are still tons of useful things in here. I did use some spring stickers in my PL album recently, but still! There are a lot more to use up!


And paper. So much paper. I love it. I still want more. But it’s time to use some of it up, don’t you think?



So do you think I can use these things, and still have pages that look current, or even better, timeless? Let’s see what we come up with!

And you, yes you fellow stash hoarder. Why don’t you play along, and find some ancient things in your stash to use on your pages! Come on, you know it will be fun!

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  1. I’m sure you’ll be able to make plenty of fun pages out of your stash. I’ve been trying to do the same and have found that the old supplies can be very inspiring, which is fortunate since I’ve already paid for them! Looking forward to seeing what you make…

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