ScrapHappy Family Reunion

ScrapHappy Family Reunion

Man, I must be getting old. Traveling really threw me for a loop!

Monday I got home from the ScrapHappy Family Reunion, and then I slept for about 18 hours. Apparently everyone wore me out.

The trip itself was a lot of fun. The best part? Putting names and faces together of people I’ve known for years, but haven’t had a chance to meet.

Alison was my make-n-take partner in crime.

She put together a lovely margarita themed card:

margarita card by Alison Day Designs


I put together a tag make-n-take:

margarita tags

And I also walked people through putting together a mini-album with the Bind-It-All:

travel album cover ||

The plan was to use the album to document the trip, based on the prompts posted last week. That’s still the plan. I’m just a bit behind, what with sleeping for 18 hours in a row, and such. Today’s goal? Print photos, and get started assembling the album.

What are you making today?

What do you think?