Vacation Checklist

Vacation Checklist

Summer is here! Finally!

That last month of school has been a real slog. (And yes, we just got done. June 25th was the kids’ last day of school. Luckily we don’t start back again till after Labor Day.)

You all know what summer means, right? Vacations. Trips. Explorations! Adventures!

Well, this year, the only person who’s going anywhere special is me. (We will do visits with family and friends, but no days exploring new places. We’re going explore at home!)

This morning, I’m on a plane to Arizona to meet up with friends from the ScrapHappy family. You know that is a trip worth documenting! So to help me document this rare and wondrous event, I made a checklist. These are things I want to make sure I photograph while on my mini-vacation.


Hopefully, this list is generic enough for you to use on any trip you take. It is, at any rate, a good list of things to keep in mind while documenting vacations and trips.

Once I get home, and have time to de-compress and print pictures, I’ll put it all together in a mini-album. I’ll try to record the process of putting it together for you. Hopefully the kids and video equipment will cooperate!

What’s on your schedule for the summer?

What do you think?