Had to Have Tools

Had to Have Tools

We’ve all got supplies and tools that we had to have when they first came out because they were so exciting and innovative, right? Or is that just me?

Well, I’m ready to own up to some silly purchases of my own. And, perhaps even get them out of their packaging and use them! Wouldn’t that be novel?

There are a few things I bought over the years that I’ve used occasionally. Just enough to know I should probably get rid of them, but I just can’t make myself.

Things like the wide format Cricut that I’ve used a handful of times to make full page die cut overlays and a few titles. It’s gotten more use as a classroom tool than as a scrapbooking tool.

Then there’s the light box for use with dry embossing. It was very helpful for creating my sister’s wedding invites and for looking at slides, but it rarely gets used.

How about the punch anywhere from Fiskars? That was so exciting when it came out. I was going to use it to punch windows in pages all over the place, and then reuse the punched out material too. Except placing the punch where I wanted it was way more finicky than I thought it would be, and the punched out material had punch marks in it. So much for using it on photos!

Another big had to have was the blank stamp roller that you could use with any clear stamp. Dude, that was calling my name. It’s still in the packaging. Never been used.

Same goes for the Hot Boss. Writing in embossing powder? How could I resist? Apparently I should have, since that’s also still unused. It’s so popular, you can’t buy it any more, but check out the video from Adorn-it. It will make you want it too!

So. These things are taking up space in my craft room. While I know I want to hold onto the light box, the punch anywhere punches should probably leave. Jury’s still out on the Cricut. And perhaps it’s time to use those untried tools to see how they work. Yep. That’s what I’ll do!

I’ll make something, and you can tell me if the tools are cool enough to keep. I’m even wondering if the Hot Boss will work in any way similar to the Fuze tool that’s all the rage with the Pocket Life crowd. Check back next week to see what I’ve got!

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  1. Lol you know I think because I have such a small space I don’t buy tools that I don’t use. My Cricut is used weekly and I don’t buy punches any more because I feel that my Cricut can make it. I think you should get rid of that stuff though!

  2. Don’t use my Cricut enough, but do love what I can and have done with it! Not sure about that Hotboss thing – I wouldn’t have the patience. I still need to get my Fuse out of the package…

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