Scrapbook Crop, Here I Come!

Scrapbook Crop, Here I Come!


Right now, I am packing for a full day crop hosted by a local scrapbook store/community. Normally I pack pretty quickly and easily, because I use a project based approach to scrapbooking away from home.

What does that mean? Let’s break it down for you.

When you use a project based approach to your scrapbooking, you assemble your supplies so you have everything you need to finish a particular project, like a baby album or travel album, all in one place. There are a few supplies I store this way: papers and embellishments I use for my children’s school of life albums, Christmas supplies. Most everything else I store based on type of supply or general theme or technique. Punches live in one place, alphabet stickers in another, and stamps are sorted by theme. (Have I mentioned I have a LOT of stamps?) Papers are sorted by color, paint supplies and coloring mediums have their own places.

When I go to a crop however, I ramp up the project based approach. If I haven’t updated my kids’ round up albums, I bring the school themed box. If it’s Christmas time, I start assembling or completing a Christmas album. If I’ve got a project in the works, like a wedding album or travel album I bring those supplies.

But sometimes, I have no project in the works. That happens to be the case tonight. I haven’t gathered together highlight photos for my kids’ highlight albums. I have no travel albums in the works. I am working on a summer album, but that’s all digital this time around.

The only project I have in the works is trying to use up all the letter stickers for the alpha sticker challenge. While I do have papers set aside, the subject matter for each page is so different, I have no idea how I’m going to choose embellishments and extra tools to bring along. This should be interesting.

There are some basics I will be bringing. Paper trimmer. Adhesives. Scissors. Ruler. Paper. Pens and markers. But the extras? This will be challenging. I’ll let you know how it went later this week!

What do you think?