A Huge Crop Crop

A Huge Crop Crop

You know how some days, the creative bug has hit you, and gorgeous, innovative pages just flow? Well, that wasn’t me during the crop. šŸ˜€

The crop was a workhorse kind of day for me, where I got a lot done, but it followed tried and true patterns I have used over and over in the past.

Wash Me

I concentrated on creating pages using the titles for my alphabet sticker challenge. I added in other letter stickers when it helped tell the story better. Plus, I like the look of different size alphas, how about you?


Then there were the pages where I didn’t have the photos I thought I had, so improvised. My bread machine is an integral part of Pizza Night, but a picture of some of the pizzas we’ve made would sure be nice, too.


Have you noticed yet what every page is missing? Journaling, right? I can’t journal when I’m surrounded by people. I have enough trouble finishing a sentence when I’m by myself. When I’ve got company, there are too many interesting things going on around me for me to concentrate.


I’ve got plans for what I’m going to talk about, and where to add it for each page, but, for right now, these pages are not done. They need a bit of embellishing too. They look so plain right now!


End result? Twelve pages started. Nothing finished, but I’m close, I can taste it! šŸ˜‰

Do you go to crops? How much do you get done when you go?


What do you think?