Mixing Old Product with New

Mixing Old Product with New


Ready to see some of the pages I’m making with my super old SEI letter stickers? Yes? Wait, let’s give a set away before we start.

Laurie is the lucky recipient of an extra set of these letters. Hopefully she’ll have as much fun with them as I am. Yay Laurie! Thanks for playing along!

As I said when issuing this challenge, these letter stickers are old. Almost ten years old probably. Current color and pattern trends don’t use this method for combining colors as often. Shall we see how easy it is to combine old product with new?


Let’s start off with “Silly Boys.” After deciding to use this photo, I grabbed the leaf patterned paper, because it echoes the tree hugging theme of the photo, and yellow and orange work well with the blue/violet colors of the letters. I wasn’t loving the color contrast that much, so I added the washi strips to tone down the contrast, and tie in the lighter blue and newspaperish background from the patterned paper. These letters are pretty large, and I ran out of room for journaling on the blue, so added a neutral journaling spot. A few paper flowers, a little bling and some rub ons, and I was ready to call it done.


When I was done, the last page felt like there was too much pattern, so for Cook & Clean, I used a solid and a tone on tone pattern to reduce the visual noise. I like this one better, but I still feel like the pattern on the letters still don’t mesh with the other patterns I’m using.


Walk is closer. The background color works better with the letters, and the striped paper and blocked washi tape echo the pattern of the letters better. The striped paper, the letter stickers, and the washi all have a similar color blue in them, which helps them play nicely together.


This is it! The colors work together, and the patterns complement each other as well. Thank goodness! I was beginning to think I was losing my touch! I may jump for joy myself now. 😉



As you can see, mixing old patterns (especially on letters) can be tricky, but it can be done. None of these pages are horrible, but some are clearly better than others design wise.

Have you been scrapping lately? What have you made?

What do you think?