LOAD Proof

LOAD Proof

While getting ready to make my page for today’s first prompt for LOAD, I thought it might be useful to talk about what, if any, excuses that might pop up during LOAD, and how to talk yourself out of letting those excuses control how much and what you scrap.

In other words, what’s the process for scrapbooking every day? What kind of self talk goes on? How does a prompt turn into a page? What kind of excuses pop up, and how do you recognize a valid reason vs. a  lazy or fearful excuse?

Let’s see what happens this month, shall we?

2 Wild and Crazy Girls || NoExcuseScrapbooking.comToday’s prompt was to scrap an imperfect photo. Since I’m an imperfect photographer, finding one wasn’t that hard. I flipped through the pile of photos I still need to put away, and pulled imperfect ones, until I can across one from college.

It was exposed during a party, so is partially orange, and is filled with the mess from the dorm I used to share freshman year. (I hereby claim all said mess as my own. My poor roommate!)


From the photo, I moved to paper selection, and chose papers that helped illustrate the theme. I thought originally that I was going to do an 8.5×11 page, but then realized I had a lot to say, so went 12×12 so I’d have room for lots of journaling. A simple design (One of my go-to’s. I should do a post about my go-to design structures for you), some journaling, and a few embellishments, and it was done.

Today, I didn’t have any issues to deal with. The only problems I ran into were ones I made for myself. For example, I really want to make a point of using up scraps from my scrap bin this month, but when I first started putting the page together, I was pulling fresh pages from my shelf. So I paused, and took a second look at how the page design was shaping up , and pulled out a few scraps to use as well. The purple and orange are from the scrap bin, the blue and lined paper were full sheets.

And then, because I’m spastic like that, I managed to get stickles all over the place while coloring the grungeboard camera icon up top.

So that’s my quick little page for the day. Did you make a page today?

What do you think?