LOAD Day 2 || No Second Guessing!

LOAD Day 2 || No Second Guessing!

Today’s page was first on the agenda, since we’re going to a Super Bowl party this evening. When I have busy days, I like to squeeze a page in first thing, before I get sidetracked by all the other chores and events of the day.

The prompt for today was to scrapbook something small. (When you first started scrapbooking, didn’t you think you needed to scrapbook all the major events? Don’t you wish you had saved more of the little moments? I know I do!)

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This was very fast to put together. A piece of off white cardstock, a few scraps of paper in related colors, and some embellishments that have been staring at me from across the desk, and the page was done.

When you’ve got a lot planned for your day, don’t second guess yourself. The alpha stickers were the first set I came across that looked like they would work for the page. I almost kept looking for alternatives, but then decided they were good enough. I don’t have time to waste on trying for perfect. I prefer to just get things done.

Have you made anything today? Feel free to share!

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