Organizing Again

Organizing Again

If there’s one thing that’s always true, it’s that I’m always looking for new and more efficient ways to organize my scrappy stuff. What I have works fairly well, but there’s always room for tweaking.

Let’s see what’s changed recently.

There are now two kitchen tables in my craft room. The one I had been using as my main workspace is now in the spot where my drafting table was, and the table that used to be in the dining room is now by the door. (A friend of mine gave me her antique, expandable, huge dining room table. I LOVE it! Thank you J!) This means I have even more level workspace, and more under table space for storage.

With the drafting table out of the room, I’ve got space for a couple more towers of drawers, which I am slowiy filling up with kits I’ve either purchased or created myself, or with supplies for classes I want to complete.

The marker storage is working great, and I now have my new Silhouette Portrait perched in front of them, where it’s easily accessible, able to be plugged into the computer, but not in the way of anything either.

I’ve got a new sorter, with my most commonly used alpha stickers in it, and my sewing machine and Cricut are easily accessible as well.

My son’s craft supplies are all right next to his workspace now, instead of on the opposite side of the room, which he appreciates. I’ve got to get him to do some pick up though, his desk is still a mess.

The stamping station is still working well, although sometimes I think I should combine stamps with embellishments. I’m still debating that, and trying to figure out how that would work.

The big news? I’ve added shelving to the second closet, so now, instead of one huge pile of stuff, I can get at everything without having to dig. I’ve shifted things around, so there’s a place for my business supplies, and all my fabric/sewing supplies are in one, still messy area.



craft closet updated


I think that’s a big improvement, don’t you?

Want a closer look at everything? How about a tour?

Hope you enjoyed that!

How have you tweaked your organization over time? What little tricks are working for you right now?

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  1. Thank you for the tour! You have really got some organization going on there! Love all your drawers. Besides drawers, I like to use shoe box size plastic containers. If the stuff is small enough, the lids will fit and they stack, and slide away from each other easily. If stuff is too tall and I leave the lids off, I can quickly grab what I need. I like that fact that I can grab a whole little container and take it with me to the area where I’m working! Thanks again for your tour!

    • Glad you liked it Kristie! The whole lid thing and portable thing is why I added the two new sets of drawers-they’re actually the covered bins, which will make getting ready for a crop so much easier, cos I’ll be able to just grab a set and go.

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