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A Month of Project Life Under My Belt.

A Month of Project Life Under My Belt.

Do you know how hard it is to start Project Life while renovating and moving your craft room around? That was an added wrinkle I didn’t factor in when planning to start!

Wait. Did that sound whiny? That wasn’t a complaint, just an observation.

Since the main focus of Project Life, for me, is the story, I didn’t worry about whether I took a photo every day, but I did try to write on a journaling card every day. I was able to do that fairly easily at first, until I had some long, exhausting days that completely drove writing out of my mind.

When I started assembling the words and pictures, I realized I needed some 3×4 photographs as well. You might find yourself needing that too, so here are a couple printing templates for you:

3x4 collage letter paper ||

3×4 photos on letter paper

Download it here: 3×4 collage letter paper.psd

3x4 on photo paper ||

3×4 photos on photo paper

Download this here: 3×4 on photo paper.psd

The hardest part for me was deciding on picture and page orientations. Because I wrote everything out before assembling the pages, I had to decide on how to deal with photos that worked better as one orientation, and journaling that didn’t match that orientation in the pocket pages.

Case in point: the very first journaling card I filled out for the last day of school had a horizontal orientation, as did the pics of the kids getting of the bus. Solution? Use one of the rotated pocket page designs, and print the photos out at 3×4 instead of 4×6.

PL pg 1 ||

The other issue right at the start was the fact that I couldn’t start with the photos in strict chronological order. This of course was a minor issue, with the solution being to group one day’s photos across the top, and subsequent days along the bottom and right side.

It works, with photos that tell related stories grouped together.

PL pg 2 ||

As I worked on later weeks, the process became easier, and the pages more streamlined.

PL pg 4 ||

That’s sort of the point of Project Life, don’t you think? To make it easy to tell stories and share photos?

PL pg 5 ||

At any rate, the last few pages were much easier to assemble than the first few.

PL pg 6 ||

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but these pages are not in strict week by week order. Some pages cover three days. Some ten. I let the stories I’d recorded and the photos I’d taken dictate the final pages, rather than the other way around.

Anyone else making Project Life pages? What’s your favorite part about it? I’m loving the excuse to write a little something every day. How about you?



Daily Documenting Resources!

Daily Documenting Resources!

I bet many of you have been bitten by the Project Life/Pocket Page/Daily Life Documenting bug. You love all those pages you see online, and you want to make your own, but you have no idea where to start.

Or maybe you have no idea what all these pocket pages are all about.

Well, there are a few things that can help you get started.

If the idea of taking a photo everyday scares you, check out Katrina Kennedy’s class. She’s got some great ideas that take the intimidation out of the whole daily photography challenge.

If you have time today, you should also check out Traci Reed’s PL planning class. You can participate live today, or watch the replays later. Traci will be sure to have lots of ways to help keep yourself organized in order to be successful with the whole daily documenting project. Traci’s also got a planner you can purchase  to get your daily documenting organized so you can tell deeper and more meaningful stories.

If you’ve already got a ton of pocket page supplies, and want to learn some new ways to decorate them for your  daily documenting, or to use them in other projects, you will want to check out True Scrap: Pocket Pages. That is a full day of classes with live instructors, pre-recorded video, and tons of inspiration. I’m really looking forward to taking those classes at the end of the month.

Last but not least, if you’re running out of ideas, or are painting yourself into the “My life in uninteresting” corner, I have a list of topics to document for you.

Microsoft Word - Photos to take.docx

Photos to take & stories to tell

I originally published this when I did my Week in the Life album last May, but the topics are useful for any kind of daily documenting. You can even print off the PDF if you want: Downloadable Photos to Take Printable

After you get these classes under your belt, you should be more than ready to tackle a daily documenting challenge. You can do it. Really you can.

Wrapping Up WITL: Title and Section pages

Wrapping Up WITL: Title and Section pages

It’s done!

Here’s a little video for you that shows how I put together the title and section pages:

I used a little bit of technique to add color and continuity throughout the album. A common technique and uniform colors really help put the finishing touch on any project.

A big thank you to Kristie Sloan of Artful Adventures for reminding me of this fun and simple technique. And also to Gina at Messtaken Identity, for the fun and inspiring recycled supplies, and to Ali Edwards for the simple yet profound idea of documenting daily life in detail one week each year. She’ll be documenting her Week in the Life later this year, and you should really follow along as she does. The way she records her stories really captures a moment in time superbly.

If you have any questions, please add them below! I’m off to start on another project now. What are you working on?


WITL: Wednesday and Thursday

WITL: Wednesday and Thursday

I finished Wednesday’s and Thursday’s pages last week. Editing the video today, I was struck by how similar my process was to the previous days’. Rather than bore you with ten more minutes of me shuffling photos and paper, let’s just skip to the end, and see how the pages turned out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I LOVE the Thursday pages. Not because there’s a lot there (there aren’t) or because the photos are lovely (which I think they are) but because they include pictures taken by someone other than myself. I love when I get to add someone else’s viewpoint to our family’s stories.

The rest of the pages will be up the end of the week. If anyone wants me to record the process again, I’d be glad to, just let me know. It’s the same basic process for each day. Sort photos by chronology/story and by size/orientation. Slip in pockets, add journaling cards, and maybe a little embellishment, and call it done.

This is not hard. Just time consuming if you have too many choices. I have too many journaling cards! I’ll have to narrow it down next time.

Actually that’s one of things that you really have to think about and understand when you scrapbook. Many people don’t scrapbook because they think they need a lot of materials or supplies. In reality, an abundance of options can lead to indecision, and no scrapbooking at all.

Limiting your product choices is a great way to get pages done, and increase your creativity.

Now go scrap something!

Step One: Sort What You Have

Step One: Sort What You Have

This is probably going to sound like a no-brainer, but the first step to putting together a Week in the Life Project is to sort the photos and notes you have by day. Need a video example?

Once you’ve got your materials sorted, take a quick look at what you’ve gathered, and make a list of what sorts of things are involved.

My list: (in addition to the standard 4x6s)

Monday: lots of memorabilia, three 3x4s

Tuesday: One 6×8, one 5×7, one 3×4 and no memorabilia

Wednesday: Two 5x7s, two 3x4s and a little memorabilia

Thursday: One 6×8 (Actually a 8×10 I will be cutting down.)

Friday: One 5×7, three 3x4s and some memorabilia

Saturday: One 6×8 and Simon’s wish list

Sunday: A 6×8, five 5x7s, a couple pieces of memorabilia, and LOTS of pictures.

Now that I know how much of what kind of stuff I have, I can plan how to arrange my album. I know I won’t need any 6×8 page protectors for Monday, and very little of anything for Thursday.

I am going to need a few more page protectors, so tomorrow I’ll make a quick trip to Michaels, so I can flesh out the interior. Then it will be time to start assembling it.

I will work on each day as a block, so you will have seven videos to check out and refer to once I’m done.

I’ve got a sick kid at home, so between that, and needing to head out for supplies, I probably won’t be able to start posting videos till Monday at the earliest.

Make sure you let me know if you have any questions!