Step One: Sort What You Have

Step One: Sort What You Have

This is probably going to sound like a no-brainer, but the first step to putting together a Week in the Life Project is to sort the photos and notes you have by day. Need a video example?

Once you’ve got your materials sorted, take a quick look at what you’ve gathered, and make a list of what sorts of things are involved.

My list: (in addition to the standard 4x6s)

Monday: lots of memorabilia, three 3x4s

Tuesday: One 6×8, one 5×7, one 3×4 and no memorabilia

Wednesday: Two 5x7s, two 3x4s and a little memorabilia

Thursday: One 6×8 (Actually a 8×10 I will be cutting down.)

Friday: One 5×7, three 3x4s and some memorabilia

Saturday: One 6×8 and Simon’s wish list

Sunday: A 6×8, five 5x7s, a couple pieces of memorabilia, and LOTS of pictures.

Now that I know how much of what kind of stuff I have, I can plan how to arrange my album. I know I won’t need any 6×8 page protectors for Monday, and very little of anything for Thursday.

I am going to need a few more page protectors, so tomorrow I’ll make a quick trip to Michaels, so I can flesh out the interior. Then it will be time to start assembling it.

I will work on each day as a block, so you will have seven videos to check out and refer to once I’m done.

I’ve got a sick kid at home, so between that, and needing to head out for supplies, I probably won’t be able to start posting videos till Monday at the earliest.

Make sure you let me know if you have any questions!


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    • Thanks Connie! I’m not on the Project Life train either. Tried it once, only got a month and a half in, and then couldn’t do it anymore. I am not a long term, take a picture every day kind of person.

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