WITL: Wednesday and Thursday

WITL: Wednesday and Thursday

I finished Wednesday’s and Thursday’s pages last week. Editing the video today, I was struck by how similar my process was to the previous days’. Rather than bore you with ten more minutes of me shuffling photos and paper, let’s just skip to the end, and see how the pages turned out.

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I LOVE the Thursday pages. Not because there’s a lot there (there aren’t) or because the photos are lovely (which I think they are) but because they include pictures taken by someone other than myself. I love when I get to add someone else’s viewpoint to our family’s stories.

The rest of the pages will be up the end of the week. If anyone wants me to record the process again, I’d be glad to, just let me know. It’s the same basic process for each day. Sort photos by chronology/story and by size/orientation. Slip in pockets, add journaling cards, and maybe a little embellishment, and call it done.

This is not hard. Just time consuming if you have too many choices. I have too many journaling cards! I’ll have to narrow it down next time.

Actually that’s one of things that you really have to think about and understand when you scrapbook. Many people don’t scrapbook because they think they need a lot of materials or supplies. In reality, an abundance of options can lead to indecision, and no scrapbooking at all.

Limiting your product choices is a great way to get pages done, and increase your creativity.

Now go scrap something!

What do you think?