Wrapping Up WITL: Title and Section pages

Wrapping Up WITL: Title and Section pages

It’s done!

Here’s a little video for you that shows how I put together the title and section pages:

I used a little bit of technique to add color and continuity throughout the album. A common technique and uniform colors really help put the finishing touch on any project.

A big thank you to Kristie Sloan of Artful Adventures for reminding me of this fun and simple technique. And also to Gina at Messtaken Identity, for the fun and inspiring recycled supplies, and to Ali Edwards for the simple yet profound idea of documenting daily life in detail one week each year. She’ll be documenting her Week in the Life later this year, and you should really follow along as she does. The way she records her stories really captures a moment in time superbly.

If you have any questions, please add them below! I’m off to start on another project now. What are you working on?


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    • There are so many fun techniques I’ve learned. That’s where I started, gobbling technique ideas up like candy for my rubber stamping. It may be time to go through the 15 year old rubberstamper magazines I’ve been saving and remind myself of all the fun things to do.

      Thanks again for the reminder re: this one.

  1. Wow, Heather. Nice job. I keep thinking I will try this project and never get it done. I love seeing you use your Messtaken Identity kits in this project. Fun to watch you putting it together.

    • Thanks for sending the kit to me GeeZee! It’s so fun to stretch my creatives muscles and think of ways to add recycled products to my pages.

  2. Heather…I really loved this. Love the high speed and narration over it. I am so easily distracted by shiny things…it really kept my attention. Love how you share your thoughts while you work.You are too fun!

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