What Do You Have Planned for Your Holiday Crafting?

What Do You Have Planned for Your Holiday Crafting?

Seriously, what do you have planned? After November’s month of cards, I’m a bit at a loss as to what and whether I will undertake any crafty projects this holiday season.

Currently, I am…

Working on building a stash of cards to share with you next month.

Re-organizing the pages in my scrapbooks. I follow Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories approach to storing my scrapbook pages, but I’m not sure it’s working quite right for me. Of course, in order to know if something is working or not, it would help if I finished the organizing I had started when I first took the class back in 2009. So that’s what I am doing now. I’ve done a lot more scrapbook pages since 2009, so it’s time to break everything up into their relevant subcategories. So far I’ve organized my Places We Go and People We Love albums, and I now know I do not need to make any more pages about how I used to dress up my sister like a great big doll when we were younger. I think three pages more than covers THAT topic.

Missing out on this month’s ScrapHappy only Layout a Day challenge. I don’t know what happened! I started strong the first two days, but then LOAD just disappeared off my daily mental to-do list. I have managed to make 17 pages this month, but most of them have been section headers for the albums I have been re-organizing.

Sewing a slipcover for a couch. One of the many house projects I’ve been working on has been putting together the den. My husband’s computer used to be in the den, but when we switched craft rooms, there was now room for it in the craft room, which has allowed me to try to turn the den into a “pretty” room. Once the slipcover is done, I’ll need to find or make curtains and hang them, organize and decorate the new shelves in the den, and perhaps find some new lamp shades. It’s coming along nicely.

Brainstorming Christmas presents for my family. I really want to stick to a budget this year, and maybe make a bunch of stuff too. Hence the brainstorming and planning.

Re-writing my first book on beginning scrapooking, and planning subsequent books on scrapbooking love, travel, children, and organization. This is a more drawn out process then I first thought it would be. I’m working on creating classes to go with each of the books as well, and want to release them in a fairly quick succession. I’ve also got a bunch of fiction stories bouncing around in my head that I’ll be working on once I’ve got the non-fiction series in the can.

Wondering whether I can fit a December Daily type book into my schedule this year. Wondering what other crafty projects I can do to make the house feel more comfy and sparkly. (Because that is what Christmas is to me! Cuddles and glitter! LOL)

Open to suggestions. Do you have any projects you think everyone should do during the holidays? Share them with me! I’d love to add something you love to my holiday repertoire!

What’s going on your life currently?

What do you think?