Weird Scrapping Habits (and a reminder!)

Weird Scrapping Habits (and a reminder!)

Well, maybe not weird. Unless you’re me.

I was all set at the start of the month to participate in the ScrapHappy only Layout a Day challenge. First page done, shared on Flickr, and commenting on lots of other people’s pages. That’s one of the really cool things about the members only LOAD in October. Because it is only open to active members, the group is much smaller, and more intimate. Lots of chatting and sharing happening!

Directions ||

Day two came along, and I happily worked on my second page while working on making the watercolor video that I had promised you. You know the one- the one that didn’t get done because I ran into editing issues? Yep. That one. (I will get that finished and posted next month.) After running into problem after problem with my video, I just plain forgot about making a page, ON DAY 2! I got up the next day, and realized I hadn’t finished my page. I then finished it, but neglected to photograph it, and changed gears entirely, getting out the sewing machine, and beginning to work on the slipcover I’m making for an old couch.


After that, between sewing, birthday preparations, and general randomness, I only finished one more page for LOAD. This one was inspired by a piece of scrap paper sitting in the scraps bin. Originally I was going to use the embossed flowered paper as a mat for another project, but it didn’t quite work the way I wanted. I think I was trying to channel my inner Heidi Swapp.

grandma suits you ||

And then I read a post by Shimelle Laine, about how she goes back to her albums and fills in stories as they suggest themselves, and I realized that that was the idea missing from my own albums, so spent a week and a half re-organizing my scrap albums. And made approximately 27 section pages, all looking something like this:

feed me ||

So now my albums are organized, based on subject matter and chronology. Definitely feels like I got something accomplished this month!

And, if I make just one more page this month, I’ll have made 31 pages, which, while they weren’t made one each day, is still on average, a page a day!

Don’t my rose-colored glasses look lovely on me?

Okay, one more thing– a reminder!

November will be my second annual Month of Cards. Cards of Gratitude? Heh. Anyone got a name suggestion? Those titles are pretty lame.

Alrighty then, let’s keep on track, shall we?

All November long I will be posting new cards, and at the end of the month, I’ll be sending them out to you! Or I will if I have your mailing address. I sent out a note to those of you on my email list today, asking for your snail mail address. If you didn’t get an email today, you’re not on my email list, and I won’t be able to send you a card! If you want to get a card, make sure you’re on my email list, so I can contact you for your snail mail address!

Hope to hear from you soon! I’d love to send you a card!

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  1. Heather that “Grandma Suits You” page is absolutely gorgeous! I’m going to pin it for sure! Love how you use the larger and smaller wood veneer girls, the spray, the colours and the embossed paper… it’s just all fantastic!

    I’d love to go through my albums and help them to make more sense, or tell a better story too.

    Might want to play with the idea of ‘greeting cards’. Perhaps something like “daily greetings”? Good luck!

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