Two Quick Ways to Use Up Patterned Paper

Two Quick Ways to Use Up Patterned Paper

Before we move on to other things (Like this month’s Project Life update!) let’s talk about two simple ways to use up patterned paper.

You’ve seen the first one before: the gift card holder.


This involves using a template, which you can get here. (I originally found it on Spoonful, but it has since been taken down. This is a copy of it from Family Fun magazine.) Print it out, and cut along the solid lines, then tape the two halves together, and place it on top of the reverse side of the patterned paper you’re going to use. Use a bone folder and ruler to trace the dotted lines onto your patterned paper, making sure to press firmly, but not so firmly you break the paper. (If you’ve ever pressed too firmly, you’ll know exactly what I mean.)

After you’ve got your folding lines traced, cut around the outside of the template. You’re now ready to fold. With the reverse side of the paper facing you, fold each half circle towards the center along the dotted line, crease well, and then open the flaps back up. Then fold the long line that runs across the width of the wallet and both flaps towards you,  crease it well and open it, and repeat for the square flap.

Now comes the tricky part. For the rest of the folds on the round flaps, you are going to reverse the direction of the crease for each fold. So the long fold was folded towards you, and then the next fold will fold the flap away from you, and then towards you, and then away from you, and then you’ll be at the center of the round flap, which was already folded towards you. Keep going to finish the circle, and repeat on the other side.

That’s the hardest part of the whole thing.

You can use a couple pieces of magnetic tape, a rubber band, washi tape, a ribbon, or even tape runner to close your gift card holder. You never have to buy a gift card holder again! (At least if you have as much paper lying around as I do.)

The second quick use for patterned paper? How about envelopes:

The easiest way to do this is with a scor board. I’ve got the Martha Stewart version, which even has a spacer to help get your paper in the right spot when scoring your folds. Just follow the directions included with the scor board for quick and easy envelopes all the time. I’ll link you up with that down below.

However, if you don’t have a scor board, or if the card or letter you’re covering is a bit larger or odder shaped than average, you can try this method.

Start by lightly drawing two lines from corner to corner on the back of a thin piece of patterned paper. The older and uglier the better.


Then place your card, or whatever else you’re mailing on the center of that X. This way, you’ll be able to have even flaps all the way around. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned in the center, you’re just using the lines as a visual guide.


Fold in the sides so the points meet, or at least point directly at each other.


Bring up the bottom. At this point, you’d add glue or tape along the bottom edge of the side flaps to hold the bottom flap in place, but since this is only for demonstration purposes, you’ll have to make do with my fingers.


Finally, fold down the top flap. If there’s lots of overlap, you can fold under or cut the tip of the top flap so it doesn’t extend past the edge of your envelope.


See? Quick, easy, and done. To make your postal carrier’s life easier if you’re sending your card or whatnot through the mail, use a plain white label for the addresses.

So, do you have any quick and easy ways to use up patterned paper? Share it in the comments!

Also, Martha Stewart’s scor board: (affiliate link)

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