Basing It On The Paper

Basing It On The Paper

Some days, when you’re wandering through the scrapbook aisles in your local Joann’s, you find something you have to have, even though you don’t know exactly how you’re going to use it. For me, that’s usually paper.

This paper was one of the things that reached out and jumped into my basket. I was powerless against it. As a family with a huge stash of Lego blocks, how could I not bring it home?
last day of nine ||

When you start your page based on the paper, building up from it is fairly easy. You can choose photos and story based on the colors and theme of your paper, as well as the embellishments.

What made me really happy about this page? Finally using up some of these Boy Oh Boy die cuts, that I got a long time ago while visiting my brother in California. I had bought them to go with a certain paper I knew I had back home, but when I got home, the two blues clashed so much I couldn’t use them together. Ah, the trials and tribulations of a scrapbooker.

One other thing of note before we move on for the day.

Be creative with your letter stickers. This title consists of one L, two Vs, an 8, a T and D, an X, an O, 2 Fs, 2 Ws, and an I. Some days you just have to make what you have work. Today was one of those days.

Do you have any paper that just jumped into your stash without you noticing? What are you going to make with it?

What do you think?