Tuesday Summary and a Bit of Wednesday too!

Tuesday Summary and a Bit of Wednesday too!

Tuesday started off well, and I got some great shots at the bus stop of my youngest and some of the neighborhood kids, but I didn’t get a lot of shots in the middle of the day.


I went to pick up some garden soil for our new square foot garden and leveling sand for my mother, and didn’t want to bring my camera, so I tried out the camera on my cheap phone.

garden soil

Maneuvering all that sand and soil around did in my back, and I didn’t get much else documented. I stopped and put my feet up, and took an NSAID to keep my muscles from seizing up.

Today started really rough with the back pain still hanging on and really sapping my energy, so I did a bit more of the feet up and minor stretching and easy motion stuff to get back to normal. It’s still not good, but the down time has helped me cope with it and has definitely helped it improve.

So the documenting for this week has not gone so well! That’s okay. I still have 4 more days to record, and plenty of stories and pictures that I can use for the first part of the week. It just won’t be as intensive as I was hoping.

Especially since my husband hasn’t been hiding from the camera this time around. I love it when he hams it up for me.


What do you think?