Organizing a Story

Organizing a Story

Well, last week was a wash. The story I thought I would be telling? No where in sight. But I did capture a week in our life, and that’s still precious, even if it’s not the story I thought I would be telling.


Looking back through the week’s photos, I have not a single picture of us eating dinner together, even though we did. I didn’t take any pictures of my feet up on a foot rest while letting myself recover from straining my back and hip. Or of the book I read, or the planning I tried to do to keep myself productive. No pictures of the kids breaking open the piñata, or attacking big blocks of ice with hammers! (Now that could have ended poorly.) In short, there are lots of pictures I missed. But that doesn’t mean I can’t include those stories in my album.

The first thing I will be doing to start telling this story, is gathering all the photos I took. That includes phone photos and computer photos. (Take a picture of yourself while playing on your computer if you can. You’ll be amused at the faces you make!)

Once I have everything together, I will start deciding which photos I should print small, which should be 4×6, and which should be 6×8. As I gather photos, I’ll also make notes about any additional stories I want to tell that I may have missed writing down during the week. I’ll also pull together memorabilia and facebook and twitter updates to add to the story.

That’s what I’ll be working on today and tomorrow. If you want some suggestions on how to choose which photos to print, check out this post. Feel free to pop any questions for me into the comments   below.

Once I’ve got everything ready to go, I’ll show you how to put it together. This is going to be fun!

What do you think?