Starting with Color

Starting with Color

Thursday’s prompt was to start with color; red, black, white, and pink to be specific. With that in mind I started thumbing thru some recently printed pictures, and came across this one:

ethan ||

This is one of my favorite photos of my eldest. I could scrap tons of pages with this photo. I think I’ve already used it at least once. There’s no reason I can’t use it again, so I did.

a wild hair ||

When I saw this picture, the first thing that popped into my head was “Sharp Dressed Man” but I’ve already used this photo for that story. However, I hadn’t talked at all yet about my son’s attempt to grow a mustache, and this may be one of the first pictures where the dusting of hair on his lip is starting to show. I knew I had mustache paper in red and black, so that was the story I chose.

Rather than use a full page of mustaches, I had my son choose the ones he thought were the best, and then cut them out of the paper to use as embellishments. The black and white grid paper made it easy to journal in straight lines.

When I was done, it felt like it needed a bit more embellishment, so after a bit of thought, I used the brackets from the alphabet sticker set and turned them on their side so they resembled mustaches.

Ta-da! How’s that for a quick and simple page? And how often do you actually get to use mustache paper for stories ABOUT mustaches? So fun when that happens!


What do you think?