Today’s prompt was based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. It’s a great kids story that builds up a sequence throughout the book.

The most famous building sequence that I can think of, that has meaning to me? The Twelve Days of Christmas as performed by Straight No Chaser.

Sorry for the Christmas in February link, but this song just makes me happy!

So for today’s page I went with this:

a cappella all the way ||

One piece of patterned paper, a few alphabet stickers, one themed sticker, and a whole bunch of writing. Memory recorded. Now to ask my more digitally inclined friends about how to add sound or video to this page. Because that would just make this perfect, don’t you think?

Is scrapbooking seeming any simpler to you with these examples, or am I making this more complicated than you’re comfortable with?

Have you made any pages yet? You can do it!

PS I am going to skip posting tomorrow, and start posting pages the day after I make them. This staying up late is exhausting me!


What do you think?