Solutions for Photo-less Stories

Solutions for Photo-less Stories

You’ve seen how I used other people’s words to create a page when I did not have any appropriate photos. Now let’s check out some of the other ways I mentioned to create a photo-less page.

Sometimes you have memorabilia, but no photos. (In my case, I had taken some photos during a trip to Jamaica, but the camera died, and I lost the data disc.) Your mementos can take the place of photos to illustrate your journaling. Invites, business cards, tickets, maps, hotel notepads and room keycards, receipts, newspaper clippings are just some of the things from your life that you can use on a page.


You can even create your memorabilia. This is especially easy to do with music, now that you can burn your own discs. Quick tip for you: when making pages without photos, make sure the paper and embellishments you use work to further your theme, as I did on these two pages.


Sometimes, you don’t even have memorabilia. Instead of using photos or memorabilia, use words. Describe the pictures you have in your mind of the story you want to tell. With my example, I know my mother has photos from the numerous family Fourth of July picnics and flag-raisings my grandparents and their neighbors had each year. However, getting her to share them with me is like pulling teeth. I didn’t let that stop me from telling the story I wanted to tell. I used words to describe the events, and even designed the page as if the words were pictures.


Sometimes, photos are completely unnecessary. This page was inspired by the product. No photos, but none are needed, since the point of the page was to both celebrate and poke fun at my love of scrapbooking.


Feeling inspired yet? Good.

Now go tell that story you’ve been putting off because you have no photos. Don’t let anything stop you! (And show me what you made! I’d love to see!)

What do you think?