No Photos? No Problem!

No Photos? No Problem!

Sometimes, we have stories we want to tell, and we can’t find a photo that goes with the story. Either we can’t find the photo, because it’s mixed in with other photos (a photo organization problem we’ll tackle another time), or we just don’t have a photo of the event in question.

That’s no reason not to tell the story you want to tell, however. There are lots of ways to get your story told without a photo.

If you have memorabilia, but no photo, you can let that be the focus of the page. Postcards, pieces of maps, event tickets, hotel room cards, receipts, are all great ways to illustrate your story, even if you have no photos.

If you’ve got no photo and no memorabilia, you can still make a page. You can describe the photos you would use, if you had them. You can tell the story, and use stickers, stamps, and paper to embellish the story. You can use other people’s words.

Do you remember this page, from when I was talking about patterned paper?

Using that lovely, huge design

Using that lovely, huge design

Did you notice that it had no photos, but still told the story I wanted it to tell? By quoting my mother and grandmother, their presence and personality are definitely showcased on this page, even without photos of them.

You can make a photo-less page. Grab some paper, and write down a story you’ve been dying to tell, but haven’t found the photos for. Tell your story!

I’ll show you more examples of pages without photos later this week. You’ll have lots of inspiration to help you create a photo-less page.

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