No Stress Project Life

No Stress Project Life

I have not been doing Project Life on a daily basis. Nor on a weekly basis, or even on a monthly basis.

PL Sept W3 ||
The thing is, I’m not scrapping all the time. (Shocking, I know!) Sometimes I’m sewing, sometimes I’m making cards, sometimes I’m crocheting. I scrapbook in batches. I find I like how I scrapbook if I do a bunch at a time. Also, I appreciate it more every time I get back to it from some other project. I really do love scrapbooking.

PL Sept W4 ||
I was trying to write every day when I first started this year’s version of Project Life, but that quickly got away from me. It’s hard to remember to write things down, when it feels like everyday is the same. Wake up, get kids to school, work/write/chores till the kids get home, then nag about homework, make dinner, and chase everyone off to bed.
It sometimes feels like a boring daily slog. But, I am using Project Life to try to remember all the little things that WILL change as the kids grow up.

PL Oct wk 2 ||
And that really is what Project Life is to me. A chance to capture details that are going to change, no matter how repetitive they seem now.

PL Oct wk3 ||
During December I found time to catch up on the past two and a half months. Family visits. Birthdays. Exciting announcements.

PL Oct wk4 ||
I had chances to get crafty with both kids for Halloween. Even though my oldest didn’t go trick or treating because he didn’t get armor for his birthday. (Seriously. He wanted chain mail!)

PL Oct wk5 ||
That’s the thing about Project Life. It can be anything you want it to be, and you can manage it in whatever way works best for you.

PL Nov wk1 ||
If you like to print photos on a daily or weekly basis at home, you can. If you like to save up and do big batches all at once, you can.

PL Nov wk2 ||
Project Life is flexible. Scrapbooking is flexible. There’s no one, right way to do any of it.

PL Nov wk3 ||
Do whatever works best for you. Tell your story. Tell your family’s story.

PL Nov wk4 ||
That’s all that really matters.

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