Feeling the Urge to Create

Feeling the Urge to Create

Some days, it feels like it’s been MONTHS since I’ve made anything. (It’s only been a few days! I made pages on Saturday!) Some days, I don’t know where I want to start. Some days, I feel the need to expand my inspirational horizons. Those are the days that Pinterest is made for.

Last night, looking for color inspiration, I came across these pins. I was looking for something warm to counteract all the cold around here, but these are the images that caught my eye.

First this fun fox captured my fancy:

Chris Garbutt ill

Illustration by Chris Garbutt from Journey to the Centre of My Brain by James Carter

The expression on this fox’s face is filled with excitement and whimsy. And the white brush marks on the tail really make me think of snow and cold.

And then I saw this:

essillustration card

Card by essillustration available on etsy

More foxes! And you know they are warm foxes since they are curled up all tight together.

Apparently I now have a thing for foxes.

Finally, these two items finished the inspiration injection:

photo by Doc. Ing.

photo by Doc. Ing. of Lake Sauris in Italy from Flickr

mag ill by Cruschiform

Illustration for magazine Revue XXI no. 23 by Cruschiform (Fukushima)

The scenic photo is so lovely and relaxing. You can tell it’s just about a perfect day. Or you can imagine that it is. And the structure of the bottom illustration is calling for a scrapbook interpretation of it.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with all of these ideas. But the thing about inspiration is that you can let it brew in the back of your mind while you’re working on other things, and then, when you can concentrate on it, you will have figured out what you want to do with it. At least that’s the plan for now. We’ll see how it turns out next week!

What do you all think of these inspiration pieces? What would you do with them?

I wonder what I’ll come up with…

What do you think?