Knowing Your Process

Knowing Your Process

Have you ever taken the time to figure out how exactly you created a scrapbook page? In other words, have you ever documented your process?

Take a look at mine:


Invariably, I start with an idea: a story or theme I want to add to our scrapbooks. This inspiration usually leads me to start thinking about the journaling in the back of my mind, while creating the rest of the page. This allows me to plan for enough space (lots of story vs a few words) which I can plan for while designing.

I then pull in photos and paper, and start building the page. (aka paper shuffling!) Sometimes I pull in reference materials like sketches or technique instructions and use them to adjust my design. I then pull in the rest of my product (like letter stickers or embellishments) add some journaling, and end up with a finished page.

It’s a fairly straightforward process for me, and you’ve probably even seen me use it if you’ve watched any of my process videos. (Using a sketch/starting point, and limiting product.)

The point is, what is YOUR process? What inspires you to sit down and scrapbook? How do you go about creating your page? Think about that, and write it down. Create a flow chart if you want! If you don’t know what your process is, sit down and make a page, and take notes while you make it.

There are lots of reasons to do this, and I’ve got two big ones to share with you a little later this week. So think about your process. Share it with me even. I’d love to hear about it!


What do you think?