The best place to start when you begin scrapbooking, is with some inspiration. If you really want to scrapbook, it’s usually because you have something specific in mind: a story you want to tell, some photos you want to use, an event you want to document.

I made this video for you to show one process for creating a page. It began with the idea that I wanted to make some pages for my sister’s baby book. The secondary motivation was to make a page for this past October’s Layout a Day challenge using this prompt supplied by Alison Day.

Some further notes:

  • There are a lot of photos in that pile. I chose about 50 total to print, out of the hundreds that my brother-in-law has shared since his daughter’s birth. There is no reason to scrapbook every single one of them
  • I did a lot of paper shuffling. I really wanted to add more intense color to the page, which is why I went back to the pile a second time to find additional paper. My sister’s family is not calm and sedate. They are a bright, energetic, live life to the fullest bunch, and I wanted the pages I made for them to reflect that.
  • I don’t know why it took so long for me to come up with the border strip idea.
  • I very rarely mat photos. When I do mat photos, it’s usually to make a focal photo stand out more, or to unify a photo block. These stand out enough already.
  • Titles look better and are easier to read when there’s high contrast. That’s one reason I chose that green alpha for the title. It’s also one of my sister’s favorite colors.
  • If you use tags with pre-punched holes, use a brad or some other small embellishment to make it look like it’s holding the tag on the page.

I hope this helps you picture yourself creating a page, or possibly even make one!

You can do it. You already have everything you need to start.


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