Glitter Glitter Everywhere

Glitter Glitter Everywhere

Glitter really can get everywhere. Because it sticks to everything and is so prone to escape, I prefer to use it with lots and lots of glue. Some pre-made glitter items hold onto their glitter well, but most of them do not, so after I’ve made something with them, they go directly into a page protector and work surfaces and hands are washed immediately.

That still doesn’t keep me from finding stray glitter on my face as I’m washing up for bed.

That stuff is tenacious.

Let’s look at some uses for glitter. Shall we start off with some pre-made glitter items?

Fitting photos into a pre-printed design

This paper from DCWV has a layer of glitter around the pre-printed design. For the most part the glitter doesn’t come off. However that’s not the case with all glitter papers, and most glittered alphabet stickers (like the ones below) are horribly prone to shedding glitter.

I (mustache) you a (question)

Stickles has got to be my favorite way to add glitter to a page or card. Look how well it adds just a bit of shine to the blue stamp on this page.


Stickles is a glitter glue, but not just any glitter glue. It generally doesn’t clump up, and the fine glitter is easily added to tiny spaces. Distress Stickles is a little bit less friendly, in that the larger chunks of glitter will cause lumps when you’re applying it. You can see the difference between the types of Stickles below, with the white distress glitter on the cloud, and the regular blue glitter to create raindrops.
when it rains it pours

If I’m going to use loose glitter, I prefer to use it with a dimensional adhesive. I want the glitter to stay where I put it! Dimensional glue will work on just about anything, from Tim Holtz fragments to cardstock.

glittered fragment ornaments ||

Using dimensional glue and glitter on scrapbook pages can be fun, especially if you go a little (or in this case a lot) overboard. Covering the entire bottom of a page to make a beach certainly does use up a lot of glitter, which was the goal.

castle building ||

Sometimes you don’t need glue at all though. This is a shaker card, and the shaker is sealed up enough that there’s no worries of glitter escaping.

sea shaker card ||


What are some of your favorite ways to use glitter? If you have any favorite glitter products, share them below!

These are some of my favorites. (Amazon affiliate links)

American Crafts POW glitter paper

What do you think?