Digging Thru Stash

Digging Thru Stash

I have a confession to make. I could probably make a unique card every day for a year, and still have untouched craft supplies. There are so many things I bought with the thought that I’d use them immediately, and yet, they’re still sitting here, gathering dust and wrinkles and cat hair. (Why do my cats insist on sleeping on my work tables and chair? On top of partially completed projects? Do you have any idea?)

How about I use not one, but two of those so-called must-have items?

sticker and pearls card


This card started with the idea that maybe I should start a card with a sticker rather than a stamp. This set of stickers jumped out at me when I opened the drawer, and said “Use us! Quick, before the cat decides to climb into the drawer and sleep on us!” Well maybe not that exactly, but they were eager to finally get out of their packaging.

(Why, yes my supplies talk to me. Don’t yours?) 😉

Once the Magenta metallic outline stickers started talking to me, the Shimmering Pearls got in on the action too.

Shimmering Pearls are another version of all those pearl powders out there. These were originally in a liquid, but I’ve had them so long, the liquid evaporated, and I just had cakes of pearl powders on the bottoms of all the jars. I added some water to them, let them sit for a bit, and then attempted to stir them up. They’re a bit lumpy still, but very useable, as you can see. (I used them to color in the flowers on the stickers.)

Final touch of stash busting: the woven background. I had made a woven sheet using handmade papers for a project a few years ago. (Ha! Try more than a decade ago. I’m telling you, my stash is HUGE!) It seemed like a good compliment to the quilt like feel of the sticker image.

So, how big is your stash? What’s the oldest thing in it? Use it!

(I actually used my oldest stamp on the hexagon card just the other day. I’ve had that leaf stamp since, oh, about 1989.)

What do you think?