Creating a Scene

Creating a Scene

One of the things that was really popular when I first started stamping was creating landscapes and scenes that involved lots of masking and detail coloring. I tried a bit of that then, but I much preferred the silly scenes to the more realistic ones.

up a tree

The thing I prefer about this style of stamping is that I don’t have to mask. The stamps I used were small and clear, so I could see where I was stamping, and could leave spaces or work around the images I wanted to be most obvious. A little copic coloring, and the card is done.

Remember when you’re working with nature scenes, trees and grass and shrubs are shades of green. Vary and mix the colors you use on something like this, so you get a more attractive and interesting image. Wouldn’t this be lovely with lots of reds, yellows, and oranges to make a fall tree? Add a few loose leaves floating around, and you’d be set!

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