Branching Out Into New Territory

Branching Out Into New Territory

This week was all about branching out into new territory. Not only did I change a little thing that has defined me all my life, but I also opened up a shop on Redbubble.

What’s Redbubble? It’s an independent artist community and shop, where you can upload images for printing on anything from posters to shirts to iPhone cases. You can then make those images available for purchase, where you set the markup, which controls how much you make off a particular item.

I have a lot of flower photos. You could even call me a flower stalker (pun intended.) It seemed silly to have all these flower photos sitting on my hard drive, taking up space, and not use them for something interesting. So I started making some art pieces at Lain’s using image transfers, and I’ve put a few of my favorite images up on Redbubble.

Check out my portfolio at Redbubble, and see what you think. I’m just getting started, so if you have any thoughts or opinions, please share. I’d love the advice!

sedum at alcatraz ||

Sedum at Alcatraz || One of my first up close and personal flower stalker pictures, taken with my 5mp point and shoot

Oh, and one more thing– in case you didn’t know, I’ve also joined the Origami Owl bandwagon– I love their jewelry! I have a jewelry bar next week if anyone is interested in joining me here, or ordering online. You can place an online order here, or if you’d like to come visit me, the details for the party are here.

origami owl || flowers for spring

Since it’s spring, and there should be flowers, I’m wearing this!

Have I mentioned lately how much you are all appreciated? Thank you so much for joining me on this crafty journey! It wouldn’t be the same without you.

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