Getting Crafty at the Crop at Lain’s

Getting Crafty at the Crop at Lain’s

Last weekend, I spent Saturday at a crop at Lain Ehmann’s. I’ve known Lain for years, and take advantage of any opportunity to visit, since it’s always a fun time.

I’ve been to enough local crops recently, that all my easy, journaling-light projects are all up to date. So what to work on? Granted, there was sure to be lots of chatting going on, but what’s the point of going to a scrapbooking crop if you don’t make SOMETHING, right?

So then the wheels started turning, and I decided that maybe it was time to play with a technique I’ve done before, but this time use a few different materials: image transfers. I’ve done image transfers before, but with self-stick acetate, not multi-medium.

After re-watching Stephanie Hamen’s True Scrap 5 class (affiliate link), I gathered my photos and materials, and packed everything up for the crop.

Flower pics ||

One of the things I wanted to do was start with a messy background before adding the image transfer over top. The idea I’m going for is a bit messy and multi layered.

This is what I got done on Saturday:

watercolor paper image transfers ||

These were done on water color paper that had been misted and painted. The ones below are on some canvases I had painted years ago, and when I didn’t like how they were turning out, shelved for a while.

pre-painted canvas image transfer ||

You can see that some images transferred better than others, and that others are still not completely paper free. But these are off to a promising start. They definitely need a bit more layering and such. Hopefully they’ll turn out interesting enough to share with you!

Do you have any photos that you’d love to turn into art pieces? What are you going to do with them?

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  1. They really are coming along nicely. It will be fun to see the final project. I had fun sharing a table with you!

  2. I’ve done image transfers with matte medium, but I used black and white copies, not full color photos – now I think I might have to try. Were your images on photo paper before you transferred them, or printed on another kind of paper?

    • Leah, I took actual photos I had previously printed and copied them in full color at the copy shop. You can use color copies from your inkjet printer at home, but the images will be much less crisp.

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