When Journaling Doesn’t Matter

When Journaling Doesn’t Matter

Not every page you make has to be full of deep, meaningful journaling. In fact a great deal of it doesn’t need to be super-thoughtful. In order to tell a more complete story, you need a range of information. The basics are just as important as the in-depth storytelling you do on your pages.

Yesterday’s page, which fit the LOAD prompt to keep words to a minimum is a perfect case in point:

Merry Christmas ||noexcusescrapbooking.com

How much do you need to say about a mall Santa photo? Other than this was something we didn’t regularly do, there’s not much else that needs to be said. At least if you’re going to stay with the theme of the photo. If however, I’d decided to talk about where we were at that point of our lives, with a young baby, and a four-year-old, that would be a whole new story to tell.

But, yesterday I kept it simple. Our mall Santa photo has been scrapbooked. What’s the next story to tell?

What do you think?