Welcome to November!

Welcome to November!

It’s November, and this year, that means cards. Lots and lots of cards!

Why cards? This is after all a SCRAPBOOKING site.

Well, there are lots of reasons. Mostly its because cards are a great way to practice new techniques and design principles in small, easily digested doses. Design principles that work for cards, also work for scrapbook pages, they just don’t feel as overwhelming with the smaller size. Techniques that you can practice and star on a card make excellent embellishments and backgrounds for scrapbook pages.

Make sense? Shall we get started then?

Today’s card (and the next two days as well) is based on a sketch from Page Maps 2. (affiliate link)

Wait, is that glitter on there? It really does get everywhere.

Wait, is that glitter on there? It really does get everywhere.

As you can see it is a very close interpretation of the sketch. But if you look closely at the sketch and break down its components, you’ll see there are many different ways you can use this to inspire a card, or even a page.

You can interpret the bottom half as strips of scrap patterned paper, washi tape (as I did here), or even as one big piece of patterned paper. The border can be anything from a piece of ribbon, to enamel dots to nonexistent. The sentiment can be words, or a focal image, with all sorts of embellishment options.

Today’s tip: You can make a typical sized card by cutting any piece of 8.5 x 11 paper in half, and then folding it. You can make a card front to adhere to your card base by cutting a piece of cardstock to 4 x 5.25. (You can get four of them from an 8.5×11 piece of paper, and six from a 12×12.) Having a card front means you can experiment with techniques without ruining a base, and you can hide things like the ends of ribbons or brad legs. No awkward ends or sticking out hardware makes for a more finished and professional looking card.

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