Waiting for Christmas

Waiting for Christmas

Today we have a special guest with us: my oldest son, Ethan. He had to job shadow today for school, and he’s following both my husband and myself around today to see what working is like. Now, without further ado, here’s Ethan!

Hello, I’m Ethan E. Berkey, and I’ll be your guest host for today. Let’s begin, shall we? When my mother told me that I had to make a scrapbook page about Christmas, I first asked her to narrow the topic down. She said I could make the page about Christmas memories and thus I thought. Eventually I thought of something that happens every Christmas – the wait. And lo, I made a page about it.

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MY favorite part of making this page was applying the pictures to the page because I got to use Mom’s moderately large tape gun. I’d rather not do this again because I’ve learned that there’s more to making a page than I’m willing to care about.

Apparently, 13-year-old boys do not appreciate the finer points of scrapbook design. However, this kid is very interested in family history and genealogy, so I know he’ll appreciate all the scrapbooks eventually. Even the ones he makes occasionally. (And yes, he has made pages before. This was the first time I tried to teach him some of the basics of scrapbooking. Ethan really didn’t want to hear it. I probably should have just let him play with the tape gun.)

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  1. I enjoyed reading your site today. Ethan, you did a fine job of both writing, and in the art of making your layout page. It was nicely designed and well thought out. I do not know what your dad does for a living but perhaps you may follow in your Mother’s writing profession of making people feel good about themselves and their art.

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