Try It, You’ll Like It!

Try It, You’ll Like It!

One of the most fun events on the whole internet is happening this Friday and Saturday. Hyperbole? Probably. Unless you’re a scrapbooker.

What is it?

True Scrap 5. Haven’t heard of it? Where have you been hiding? All my scrappy internet friends love this event.

True Scrap is a live, web based scrapbooking event. Each day, you log into a single webspace where multiple classes are presented. There’s a live chat feed, where you can interact with fellow attendees, as well as the instructors for each class.  There’s also a question and answer session after each class where you can go into further detail about the class topic with the instructor.

It’s hosted by Lain Ehmann, one of my favorite scrapbookers out there, and she’s brought together 15 (yes 15!) instructors to bring you the latest ideas and techniques in the industry.


These are fun and fabulous events, with tons of ideas and inspiration. I’ll be using ideas from some previous classes when putting together the daily cards for November. (Must come up with a catchy name for that. Any suggestions?)

There are classes on mixed media and distressing techniques and spray ink. There’s design and embellishments and stamping. That’s just some of the classes from ONE event! These events are so FULL of inspiration, and camaraderie that springs up between the attendees in the classroom! So much fun and silliness as the conversation winds from class topic to superheroes to nail polish, and back again.

If you’re not sure, try one of the classes from previous True Scrap events that are available for sale at individual rates. They are inexpensive, and worth every penny. If you have questions about any particular class, let me know. I’ve attended ALL the True Scrap events, and they’ve been well worth the time and money.

These were my favorites from each event:

Nic Howard: True Scrap (1)

Jennifer McGuire: True Scrap 2

Shimelle Laine: True Scrap 3

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer: True Scrap 4

Bev Grey: True Stamp

If you’re still unsure about joining True Scrap 5, Lain Ehmann is presenting a Spreecast this evening, where she’ll answer questions about True Scrap, and talk about her impressions on the state of scrapbooking, based on what she’s seen while prepping for Friday and Saturday’s event.

You can check out the Spreecast broadcast tonight: Is Scrapbooking Dead? 

Don’t miss True Scrap 5 this week. It’s going to be FUN!



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