The Invisible Crane

The Invisible Crane

This card has inspired much internal debate.

Invisible Crane ||

While assembling the card was fairly straightforward, I wasn’t sure I should use this particular pre-made piece. While the stamped image is clear and complete, the background color makes it difficult to see the details. While backing it with some gold mirror cardstock makes the piece brighter, it still doesn’t have enough contrast to make out the crane easily.

Rather than debate with myself endlessly about whether I should actually use the pre-made piece, I just kept going with the assembly process. While it’s not perfect, it’s better to use it than let it take up any more space in my mind or my craft space.

One more thing- look a little more closely at the yellow background. Do you notice anything? Maybe a few versamark stamped cranes?

Well, when you go the invisible crane route, doesn’t it make sense to carry that idea along as far as it will take you?

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